Animation in Richmond Virginia

Animation in Richmond Virginia

It’s great to be back in Richmond and now starting a new company  … Digital Oven.

Why Digital Oven?  Why not go back to “Mind’s Eye Graphics”, the Richmond based company I started before going to LA to work on features?  Well, this just felt right.  It is a bit of a new start and also I liked the idea of an oven … lot’s of things you can cook up.  I always love creating 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics but also hope to be producing projects and also working in interactive, web, maybe a game or an animated ebook.   In addition, I have an extensive national network of some of the finest artists in the business for virtual teams to tackle the largest project. Over the years, I’ve helped lot’s of projects become reality from feature films to digital print work.  I’ve learned the tools, the ingredients and the recipes … and a few tricks along the way.  Now it’s time to find the projects and people to make some new creations.

Let’s get cooking!



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